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Youth Programming Projects

Youth Farming and Leadership Project

The Youth Farming and Leadership Project (YFLP) will focus on engaging and educating young people aged 10 to 35 in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) programming through sustainable agriculture, natural living, cooperative economics, arts and craft and lots of fun. The curriculum was developed against the backdrop of the importance of food security and having a strong food production system that enables us to feed our community healthy food, while preserving our environment. It lasts 6 weeks with several modules aimed at facilitating a greater understanding of self and creating change agents empowered to lead and transform their own communities.

We aim to cultivate an interest in organic farming in our young people, so we will teach organic agricultural techniques in a practical farming environment. Under the Science module, we will include planting, composting, water and soil testing and pesticide management. Technology in farming will include an understanding of solar technology and we will use video production to record our activities. The students will be involved in building during the Engineering module and Arts will include culinary arts, drama and music production. Under Mathematics, the young people will learn the basics of bookkeeping and we will also introduce them to economic modes of production. We will also ensure that the youth are provided with the necessary soft skills to negotiate some of the challenges they face and to empower them to become leaders in their respective communities.

Cultural Youth Exchange

This is an outreach project focusing on team building, social justice awareness, understanding food systems, leadership development and cultural knowledge exchange. TSF will expose the Barbadian youth to international students coming to Barbados and they will also travel to regional and international destinations. We aim to broaden their scope as it relates to international relations and learning more about different cultures. We will identify international partners and develop programming, itinerary and activities that promote and support our programmatic goals.

Akofena Football Club

TSF will revive the Akofena Football Club that was originally formed at the request of the youth in 2011. The football team will cater to both young males and females between 9 and 18. Apart from football, the youth will be exposed to team building and social activities, including motivational and educational workshops, tours and hikes. We will also get them involved in learning about the basics of organic farming and entrepreneurship.

Operation Kultivation Projects

Operation Eradication

The  goal is to help enhance the quality of life across communities in Barbados and preserve the environment through the production, promotion and provision of alternative forms of chemical plant maintenance and the resulting organic produce. As such we will be working towards a more informed population especially among the youth and the elderly. This will help to build a market for our organic pesticide products as well as help people to live healthier lives, reducing the incidences and impact of non communicable disease in our country.

Adopt A Tree Project

Join us in our plant a tree and let it grow initiative. We are seeking donations starting at US$10 that would allow you to ‘adopt a tree’ Our intention is to add to the ones already planted and have over 1,000 trees on our farm at Kamp Deed by the end of 2020 as we play our part to create greater sustainability and vitality one tree at a time. Donations go towards preparing the ground, planting and maintaining your tree as well as supporting our Operation Kulitvation Programme in which we aim to produce natural, high quality foods high in nutrients as well as value added products.

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